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———— Message from the President ————

As a member enterprise owned by Legend Holdings, Levima, relying on the over-30 years’ accumulation in culture, mechanism, brand and resources, follows the core value of “Practical Aggressiveness, Innovation Focus and Shared Win-win”, sets innovation as core competitiveness, and focuses on the orientation of new chemical materials, for the purpose of forging the most competitive industrial cluster in the field of new chemical materials.


While developing, Levima encompasses a mutually beneficial strategy with employees, customers, the society and cooperators and to positively bear social responsibility as well as promoting energy conservation and emission reduction through real actions to become an environmental friendly enterprise as an endeavor to mutually build a wonderful life. We are also willing to participate in ecological construction of the industry to promote the healthy development and continuous improvement of the industry.


Legend Holdings deems industrial devotion to the country as its own mission, which is also the way and pursuit of Levima folks. Levima will be driven by innovation with long term focus to lay out meticulously and be indomitable to realize the prospect of “becoming outstanding in the field of new chemical materials”. Levima will spare no effort in becoming an enterprise of the new material industry with international competency and influence and contribute to the promotion of the development and improvement of manufacturing industry in China.



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