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Levima Advanced Materials Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Levima Advanced Materials”) specializes in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of advanced materials as well as specialty chemicals. It owns multiple subsidiaries, namely Levima (Jiangsu) Advanced Materials Research Institute, Levima Chemical Commercial, Levima Technologies, Jiangsu Chaoli Building Material Technologies, etc. The company is located in Southern Shandong High-tech Chemical Industry Park, Tengzhou, Shandong. With a total investment of 8 billion Yuan, its manufacture base, which was started in May 2012 and started full production in November 2014, covers a whole construction area of about 1.17 km2. At present, the company has successfully developed a deep-processing industrial chain, focusing on the conversion of enriched methanol to high value-added olefins and their derivatives.


The group currently owns multiple sets of equipment for DMTO (Methanol to Olefins), EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), PP (Polypropylene), EO (Ethylene Oxide), EOD (Ethylene Oxide Derivatives), etc. Each set of equipment applies leading technologies to enter full-load state of operation, and both the production & operation have been maintaining a leading level in the field. Levima’s range of products include high-end EVA copolymers, customized PP materials, EO, EOD, etc., which are widely used in plastics, photovoltaic, cables, household chemicals, textiles, building construction, roads & bridges, leather, painting and other fields.


Towards an innovation-driven strategy and with an aim of promoting consumption upgrading, Levima constantly introduces new technologies, develops new products, creates new values and cultivates new momentum based on the industry's leading research and application platform for high-end advanced materials and fine chemicals. Benefiting from its independently-developed thin-wall injection molding polypropylene (TWIM PP) PPH-M600X, Levima now occupies nearly 40% of the high-end disposable food packaging market share. In wire & cable field, its high VA content EVA products hold leading positions in China’s domestic market share. In photovoltaic film material domain, its EVA product FL02528 has changed the situation that more than 90 % of the country’s products depend on imports. In construction industry, Levima specializes in high-range water reducers. Its viscosity-modifying agents and hardening accelerating admixtures have been successfully applied to several specific construction fields such as high-rise buildings and subway pipes. In the field of roads & bridges, Levima occupies a leading position in sectors of concrete admixtures, construction silicone sealants, grouting materials for bridge tunnel construction, etc. With excellent capabilities for customized and commoditized services, Levima has been recognized as a main manufacturer of nonionic surfactants in the field of daily chemicals and textiles. In metal processing, its special polyether polyols have successfully broken the monopoly of foreign companies and the company has got itself into a strong position on the international market. At present, leading companies of several market segments have become Levima’s main customers and its products are sold to most regions of China as well as foreign regions such as America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.


In May 2017, Levima Advanced Materials successfully received a strategic investment from Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CAS Holdings). The partnership has been built on the complementary advantages of both sides, enabling the fully integration of their “innovation chain, industry chain and capital chain”. In January 2018, the “CAS Advanced Chemical Materials Alliance for Technology Innovation and Industrialization” has been established and Levima serves as director of its governing board. 14 research institutes of CAS as well as Sinopec Guangzhou Engineering Co., Ltd. were elected members of the Alliance. A high-tech transformation platform and an industry support fund will be created by CAS Holdings. All these strategic moves will accelerate the innovation development and industrialization process of advanced material industry and in the meantime, has opened a new chapter for the development of Levima Group.


The company has been successively awarded as one of the "Leading Enterprises of Advanced Materials Industry in Shandong", “China’s Top 100 Oil and Chemical Private Enterprises“, “Top 100 Oil and Chemical Enterprises in Shandong Province”, “Shandong Top 10 Chemical and Advanced Material Enterprises”, “Enterprise Technology Centers of Shandong Province”, "Shandong Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of Specialty and Fine Chemicals", etc. As Vice Director Member of Advanced Material Committee of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, Levima has set an example of industry transformation and upgrading, thus promoting related transition from old to new growth drivers.


Consistently in accordance with the corporate values of “Pragmatic and Enterprising, Innovative and Dedicated, and Sharing for a Win-win”, Levima Group fully utilizes its professional advantages such as dedicated operation, innovative R&D and efficient service, to provide customers with comprehensive customized solutions. The group has always been well recognized among its customers by its first-class product quality as well as technical services and is striving to realize the vision of “becoming an excellent enterprise in the field of advanced materials”!


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English name of “Lianhong”: Levima ,
“Le” is derived from Legend (the English name of Legend Holdings)
“Vi” is derived from Vigor (meaning energy in Latin and vigorous in English)

“Ma” is derived from Material (namely material in English)。

Lianhong (also Associated Waters) embodies profound cultural elements and ideal. Lian, the meaning of association, while Hong (Waters in English), the meaning of deep and wide water, is selected from Ode to the Capital of Wu of the Literary Selections of Zuo Si, the famous literatus in Western Jin Dynasty of China. Therefore, the combined meaning of Lian and Hong symbolizes vast water. Namely, Levima Chemical Co. Ltd. is the deep and vat water when the whole chemical industry is compared to the sea. As an old Chinese saying goes that, “The highest good is like water without evoking conflicts or resistance”, which represents the supreme state in the Chinese culture. Originating from mountain peaks, winding its way to valleys, converging rivers all the way forward and nurturing the vast field, Water finally runs into the sea and welcomes a new rising sun. As water aims to nurture life, similarly enterprises seek to benefit the society. This is the very cultural ideal that Levima embodies.


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