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The institute owns alkoxylation synthesis equipment and other high-class international lab equipment. It has established an outstanding alkoxylation synthesis and application laboratory in the country, and owns many sets of automatically controlled alkoxylation synthesis bench and pilot scale testing equipment, full automatic surface/interface tension tester, dynamic surface/interface tension tester, contact angle tester, dynamic foam tester and other high precision testing equipment.


In application evaluation, the institute has established the application evaluation for alkoxylation product detergency test, concrete performance test, textile pretreatment test, metal working fluid lubrication performance test, and etc. It has also developed over 110 kinds of domestic leading alkoxylation series of products among which 46 kinds have realized industrialization. It also extends product and be technically prepared upstream and downstream of high-end and differentiation of alkoxylation.


For new materials, the institute has established a rather advanced application evaluation and R&D equipment in the same industry in China, such as twin screw extruder unit, injection molding machine, internal mixer, rheometer, FT-IR, colorimeter, DSC, TGA and etc. It is getting new technologies of independent intellectual property in high-performance PP, EVA dedicated material products and downstream new extended products, high-performance modified engineering plastics, and etc. It actively cooperates with the CAS and other institutes to mutually develop polyolefin with new functions and relevant materials.


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